No one is just like you. You deserve the individualized attention and healthy, thoughtful solutions that Deer Ridge Custom Shoes offers.

Based on the information we gather and your own personal goals and needs, we will create footwear to alleviate pain and aid you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There are so many varied reasons why your feet may be causing you discomfort or pain. It may be as simple as ill fitting shoes, walking or standing on unnaturally hard surface like cement, having wide forefeet or narrow heels. Perhaps you were born with a difficulty that makes walking or wearing shoes problematic such as high arches, a leg length discrepancy, CP or scoliosis. Or, as in many cases, such difficulties may not show up until later in life as with hammer toes, adult acquired flat foot, arthritis, diabetes or bunions, which are sometimes hereditary. At our shop we see an equally high number of injured or post surgical clients that can no longer function in a way they consider 'normal'. As our footwear is made one pair at a time, we are able to create the shape, support, and assistance they need.

If you require an orthotic or footbed, we can create this coincident with your footwear. Removable orthotics are a wonderful way to support the foot completely if you have biomechanical or medical issues. We recommend that everyone orders custom foot beds or orthotics with their shoes.